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Bay windows are in my opinion a stunning feature of a house which I just love – however they can cause draughts leaving the room feeling a lot colder and in turn means using more energy to maintain a warmer room. Luckily there is a perfect product that can easily transform your beloved bay window into the feature it was intended to be.


This is something we are asked about a lot and we have a great solution to share with you if you want to improve the heat retention, reduce draughts and make your home more efficient in the fastest and easiest way. This is achieved by reflecting heat back into the building whilst simultaneously preventing cold air coming in.

Not only does our solution save you money each month by improving heat retention it also provides a stunning feature internally too and could also provide a perfect space for extra hidden storage or a ‘window seat’.

As you can see from the picture of one of our recent projects, there was no insulation in the stud-work of this bay meaning heat was escaping and causing a constant draught. To solve this problem there were two options, either maintaining the bay window shape and having an open but insulated space, or utilising the space for a window seat or storage space which creates a modern feel. Either way, there is a perfect insulation product that is ideal for both applications, SuperQuilt can be used to insulate walls, floors and ceilings. We decided to build the bay out to create a feature and insulate using SuperQuilt. We also decided to fill with EcoLoft Non Itch to further improve thermal properties.



What is the process of insulating a bay window?


  • Firstly, install timber battens to existing timbers under the window.

SuperQuilt bay window

  • Roll out SuperQuilt Multi-Foil insulation and cut to size using sharp heavy duty scissors.
  • Staple SuperQuilt to battens and trim to fit.

SuperQuilt bay window

  • Tape and seal perimeter and joints using Thermaseal true aluminium foil tape.

SuperQuilt bay window

  • Install second timber battens and build the frame ready for plaster boarding.

SuperQuilt bay window

  • Finally plaster board and skim ready to paint.

SuperQuilt bay window


Now we have a feature that not only looks great but also provides a perfect solution to a draughty bay window, improving heat retention and improving on your energy bills. In this case, we replaced the radiator and decided this was the perfect place for mounting a modern flat radiator as opposed to a less desirable curved radiator commonly fitted in a bay.


SuperQuilt bay window


SuperQuilt All Purpose Home Insulation is the highest performing EN Certified Multi-foil on the market.SuperQuilt Insulation logo

SuperQuilt, Multi-foil insulation is the only multi-foil insulation which boasts True Aluminium Foil outer layers which have a reflective value of 98%, not only reflecting generated heat back into your home but reflecting the suns radiant energy away from your home on hot summer’s days making the room more comfortable and cool. SuperQuilt meets U-Values in Roofs, Walls Floors and many more applications meaning it’s regularly used throughout New Builds and Renovations. Installed correctly, you can also improve your older homes U-Value to near new build standard.

Some common questions we regularly get asked are:

How does SuperQuilt compare to other insulation?

SuperQuilt has multiple layers of highly reflective foil, 19 to be exact! This is the equivalent to approximately 75mm of Rigid PIR insulation such as Kingspan. SuperQuilt when in a relaxed state is around 40mm in thickness while compressed down is only 7mm!


SuperQuilt Multi-foil Insulation


SuperQuilt is much easier and quicker to cut than a rigid board such as Celotex. SuperQuilt can be cut with a sharp, heavy duty pair of scissors, this can even be done when the material is in situe then trimmed afterwards.

Should there be an airgap when using SuperQuilt?

To ensure SuperQuilt performs as efficiently as possible we do recommend having an air gap on either side of the Insulation, which will allow the Multifoil to reflect properly and eliminate Cold Bridging.

Is the use of tape important?

When SuperQuilt  is fully taped and sealed using ThermaSeal true aluminium Foil Tape this will also act as a high performing vapour control layer, greatly reducing the chance of condensation occuring.

Thermaseal true aluminium foil tape


Where can I order the best multifoil insulation at the lowest prices?

To order SuperQuilt all-purpose home Insulation, Either a single roll or trade pallet click HERE


TIP – A quick and easy way to improve the efficiency of your home with the least effort and cost is by insulating your floors using Eco-Tec Floor Foam insulation. We have an in depth guide which explains more about this in our blog post ‘EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation – Easy, Fast & Cost Effective’

I really hope you’ve found this post useful, if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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