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Insulated Packaging Promotions

TPS CoolaPack Ice Pads

TPS CoolaPack Ice Pads are ideal for sending with our Thermal Packaging Solutions for keeping your goods at a cooler temperature throughout transport. These CoolaPacks are regularly used within the food industry and are BRC certified and FDA/EU approved . Guaranteed to stay frozen for upto 48 hours! TPS CoolaPack Ice Pads consists of 4 […]

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TPS Insulated Box Liners

TPS Insulated Box Liners are UK Manufactured Thermal Liners made bespoke to suit your size of cardboard box. This method is extremely popular in the food industry for sending temperature sensitive goods directly to customers. TPS Insulated Box Liners come with an adhesive strip which when fully sealed will not allow any cold air to […]

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TPS Insulated Envelopes

TPS Insulated Envelopes are an ideal solution for sending fresh or frozen produce directly to your customer. This method is also commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for sending temperature sensitive goods. Our Insulated Envelopes are UK Manufactured and made from True Aluminum foil. These High performing Insulated Envelopes reflect over 95% of radiant energy, […]

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TPS Thermal Pallet Covers

TPS Thermal Pallet Covers are designed to protect your temperature sensitive goods while being stored and transported on pallets. The benefit of using our multifoil insulation for pallets is that the high performing materials reflect the excess heat away while reflecting the cold back, keeping your goods cooler for longer. Thermal Pallet Covers also help […]

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TPS Insulated Container Liners

TPS Insulated Container Liners are designed to be installed on the Roofs, Walls and Floors of either standard or High Cube Containers. This method of insulating is extremely easy to install, while giving a very high performing insulation value. Our Multifoils are designed to reflect away the cold during the cooler months of the year. […]

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