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Conservatory Roof Insulation

One of the most common Insulation projects in a home is now Insulating a Conservatory Roof.
In summer, Conservatories are roasting hot and in winter freezing cold. making it a completely wasted room!

This problem can be easily resolved by installing Conservatory Insulation.

For most of the Year,  a Conservatory cannot be used. In my opinion, a Conservatory is one of worst drains of energy in your home and if yours is not insulated I think you’ll agree.

So, you’re paying good money to heat your conservatory just for the energy to escape through the plastic or glass panels above, this to me just does not make sense!

Below is my guide on how to make your Conservatory an enjoyable, usable space all year round.

Quite simply, it is a no brainer – if you have a Conservatory one of the best investments you can make is to have it Insulated with Multifoil Insulation products. And if you have the required skills you could Insulate it yourself.

The following Questions & Answers explains the Do’s and Don’ts on how to carry out a D.I.Y Installation and recommended Conservatory Insulation companies.

insulated conservatory


QUESTION: I don’t want to Insulate my own Conservatory – how can I find a recommended Installer? 

ANSWER: The ConservaHeat Multi-foil Insulation System has been specially designed for professional Installation and designed and manufactured in the UK. ConservaHeat Ultra High Performing  Conservatory Insulation System is manufactured from “True Aluminium Foil” which provides a radiant barrier that reflects 98% of radiant energy to maximise heat reflection and heat retention. ConservaHeat is only available as a professional Installation – not DIY. ConservaHeat is exclusive to us and our installers meaning you won’t find our system anywhere else. You can receive a free, no obligation quote and receive an exclusive 25% discount off the normal price. There’s also an option not to pay anything for the first 12 months. ConservaHeat has been installed in over 25,000 conservatories across the UK.

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ConservaHeat Insulation


QUESTION: Which is the best Multi-foil Insulation material to use and why?

ANSWER:  If you are Insulating your own Conservatory you can buy either EcoQuilt Expert or SuperQuilt Multifoil Insulation. The kit includes the following fixing items;

conservatory insulation kit

  • EcoQuilt Expert or SuperQuilt Insulation – 15m² or 30m²
  • Thermaseal true aluminium foil tape to provide an Airtight seal
  • 200 x FastFix Conservatory Screws
  • Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 Staples 14mm Staples
  • Free Delivery Nationwide

Some of the advantages of using these are:

  • The world’s highest performing Multi-Foil Insulation
  • Highly Reflective True Aluminium Outer Layers
  • Saves space compared to alternatives
  • Saves installation time compared to alternatives
  • Built in vapour control layer to prevent condensation
  • UK manufactured
  • Drastically improve home efficiency

Either Conservatory Insulation kit can be ordered at the lowest Trade price HERE.


QUESTION: Should I attempt the job of Insulating a Conservatory myself from the inside?

ANSWER If you are capable of fixing studwork & timber battens to walls or ceilings and you have someone to assist you are off to a good start, however I strongly advise watching a good ‘How To’ video.

One of the best ‘How To’ guides to Insulating a Conservatory is

QUESTION: Are there any Companies or products that should be avoided?

ANSWER:  Yes. Some Conservatory Companies use “Rigid” PIR products like Kingspan & Celotex. The issue with these products is they need to be very thick to give the same heat retention as Multifoil Insulation products. It is also very difficult to achieve an airtight seal compared to using a Multi-foil blanket. There is also significant wastage when cutting PIR and requires a mask to avoid breathing in the dust. Personally, I would never use SuperFoil Insulation which is manufactured in China. SuperFoil is made from an inferior metalized plastic foil that is made to look like true aluminium foil, however it does not reflect heat in the same way. Importantly SuperFoil is also highly flammable. So Beware, it is very easy to confuse genuine true aluminium SuperQuilt which is manufactured in the UK. One of the companies that uses the Chinese SuperFoil is Rundle and Dorey, which I would avoid for this reason. I would go with ConservaHeat as a superior alternative and designed specifically for insulating conservatory roofs- visit

QUESTION: Is it better to fit Plasterboard or UPVC cladding internally

ANSWER: Plasterboard finish can look nice, however the plaster can crack as you can get movement and will need painting every few years or so. With UPVC or Timber Cladding, you do not have this problem and can be installed by a good D.I.Yer where plastering is a skilled trade. UPVC is also is zero maintenance.

QUESTION: Should I use a film on the inside of my Conservatory Roof or will I be able to see the foil?

ANSWER: If your roof is poly carbonate or opaque there is no need to fit a film first unless you do not want the foil to be seen. Most people consider the foil looks appealing from the outside. Importantly it allows full reflection of radiant energy without any barrier.
It is always recommended to fit a film to clear glass Conservatory Roofs. The Thermafrost Conservatory Tint Kit can be ordered HERE.


QUESTION: Is planning permission or building regulations required to Insulate a Conservatory?

ANSWER: To Insulate outside the Conservatory requires Building regulation. It is much easier and much less costly to insulate a Conservatory from the inside, in which case none is required.


QUESTION: Can a Conservatory take the added weight of Insulation.

ANSWER: According to the designers of ConservaHeat Insulation System the average weight of the Insulation is only 7 Kilos over the average 15m2 Conservatory.
Even with the 25mm battens and UPVC cladding the weight is minimal. The installers of ConservaHeat have Insulated over 15,000 Conservatories in the last 5 Years and includes a 10 Year Insurance backed guarantee they claim has never been used for this reason. The company also has the highest rating on the Guild of Master Craftsmen and inspect every Conservatory prior to Installing the ConservaHeat Insulation System to ensure 100% applicable.

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