Insulating your Conservatory not only has many benefits within that one room, it can also benefit the rest of your home too!

Let us tell you how..


  • It will provide you with extra living space

More living space, you say? Yes! An insulated Conservatory will provide you with endless possibilities when planning what you could transform it into. A quiet haven where you can get cosy with your book and a cup of tea? A home office to save money on commuting? A room for your hobbies? Entertainment space for when your friends and family come over? Whatever you need, you can create.

Drinking Tea Reading a Book

  • It can help to regulate temperature & reduce outside noise

Insulating your Conservatory with a Multifoil Insulation creates a highly reflective barrier to help maintain a comfortable temperature, throughout the year. In the Summer, the insulation will work by reflecting excess solar heat away, rather than it being absorbed through your Conservatory roof and resulting in unbearable heat inside. This will create a Cooler living space for you to enjoy in the sun. In the Winter it will work by reflecting the cold back outside and it will bounce the heat from inside back into your Conservatory to create a warmer and cosier living space for you to enjoy.


  • It can add Financial Value to your home

Adding an average Conservatory to your home can add around 5% to the overall value of your house. Adding Conservatory roof insulation could potentially further that value as it becomes more energy efficient, so what are you waiting for?


  • Can play a beneficial role at the Point of Sale

When it comes to buying a house, people are usually searching for the largest amount of living space they can buy for the best value. A Conservatory provides a house with an extra room.. An insulated Conservatory provides the house with an extra room, that you can transform into anything you like (and that you can use all year round!). Insulating means that you’ll spend less on costly energy bills, making your home more energy efficient. This is also another great benefit and could lend a helping hand in a quick sale (and at the full asking price) as potential buyers will not want to miss out!


  • Helps to save money on Energy Bills

Having an insulated Conservatory can help contribute to your home’s energy efficiency. This will be a huge advantage to you when spending time in there in the Winter as you’ll find you won’t need to crank your heating up to the max, or fire up an space heater just to spend time in there. This will ultimately save you money on costly energy bills, meaning you’ll have more money to spend on fun adventures with the family.


Insulating your Conservatory with the Conservaheat System or a Conservatory Insulation Kit, sounds like a fantastic idea, doesn’t it?

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