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Insulating your Conservatory can benefit your whole house… Read how!

Insulating your Conservatory not only has many benefits within that one room, it can also benefit the rest of your home too! Let us tell you how..   It will provide you with extra living space More living space, you say? Yes! An insulated Conservatory will provide you with endless possibilities when planning what you […]

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How is the Conservaheat System installed?

Thinking about having the Conservaheat System in your Conservatory, but wondering how it’s actually installed? We’ve put together this useful blog to walk you through the whole process!   First, the team will arrive at the agreed time. If required, they will measure and fit a specialist tint to the inside of your Conservatory Roof, […]

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5 Reasons Why an EcoStudio is a Good Investment…

Your fully insulated EcoStudio can provide you with the perfect extra living space. It can be designed in 22 Standard Sizes and is available with a range of customised features, from placement of your windows and doors on the outside, to the finishing touches on the inside. If you’re looking for extra space for you […]

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How does Conservaheat Insulation compare to other common insulations?

Need help planning your insulation type? We’re here to help you decide! Finding the perfect material to insulate your conservatory ceiling may feel a little overwhelming. So, we’ve put together this handy blog to help you decide which product is best for you. The Comparisons below are between three common conservatory insulation options: Conservaheat, PIR […]

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Why choose the EcoStudio over other Garden Buildings?

Why choose the EcoStudio over other Garden Buildings? There are many reasons why you should choose the EcoStudio, one the main reasons is that our expert team takes care of everything! From designing your very own personalised EcoStudio, to manufacturing it and installing it into your garden.   Would you like our Professional Installation Team […]

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Conservaheat System or a Full New Tiled Roof?

Welcome! You’re here because you have a question.. “Should I insulate the Conservatory Roof? Or should I get a fully tiled roof?” Let us help you decide by explaining the perks of both..   Insulating your Conservatory with the Conservaheat System means that you will have a fully useable room which maintains a comfortable temperature, all […]

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