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Triple Layer 0.18 U-Value System

Triple Layer 0.18 U-Value System is a pitched roof solution to meet 0.18 U-Value. This is commonly used on Refurb & Extension projects within UK and Europe. These high performing multifoil products used within the kit are fully LABC & BDA approved for Building Control. This solution is guaranteed to save on Space, Cost and […]

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EcoQuilt Expert – Multi-purpose Insulation

EcoQuilt Expert is our high performing all purpose Multifoil Insulation. The material is commonly used in Roofs, Lofts, Walls, Floors, Conservatories, Garden Buildings, Caravans, Boats and Many More! This high performance Multifoil Insulation helps retain warmth in the winter months while reflecting cold away. In the Summer this will do the opposite by reflecting the […]

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EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit

EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit contains everything you need to efficiently install our High Performing Multi Foil Insulation in your Shed or Summerhouse for use all year round. The EcoPro Insulation consists of 6 layers of highly reflective foil and wadding. In its open state EcoPro is around 15mm thick and this will compress down to […]

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Conservatory Roof Insulation Kit

Conservatory Roof Insulation Kit is one of the easiest and most cost effective methods of fully insulating your conservatory roof, without going through Building Regulations or removing the existing roof. This Conservatory Roof Insulation kit contains either EcoQuilt Expert or YBS SuperQuilt – Both high performance Multifoil Insulation materials which are lightweight, extremely reflective and […]

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EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation Kit

Watch our HOW-TO installation video HERE EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation Kit is designed for insulating underneath Carpets, Laminate, Wooden, Vinyl and Lino Flooring on top of your existing Wood or Concrete floors. This high performance multifoil insulation helps reflect back the warmth into your home while reflecting the cold away. EcoTec Floor-Foam also effectively stops draughts […]

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EcoTec DIY Shed Insulation Kit

EcoTec DIY Shed Insulation Kit is a high performance multifoil insulation material, which comes with everything you will need to effectively install and insulate your Garden Shed or Summerhouse. The EcoTec Shed Insulation comprises of 2 layers of highly reflective True Aluminium foil either side of an air bubble membrane. This material is around 4mm […]

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