What makes the Eco Garden Studio Eco-Friendly?


From fully insulating the walls, roof and floor, to the long-lasting EcoClad, we are doing all that we can to ensure our Eco Garden Studio is as helpful to the planet as possible. 🌍


We greatly pride ourselves on the fact that we fully insulate our Eco Garden Studio – the roof, walls AND the floor. This has great environmental benefits as the insulation is designed to keep heat inside the build, using its highly reflective true aluminium outer layers. With the insulation actively working to reflect the heat back inside – rather than it making a run for it out of any surface possible – you’ll be able to maintain a comfortable temperature in there (and for less money!), all year round. This means that you’ll probably find that you aren’t flicking the switch on a portable heat source half as much as you usually would… It may also mean that you no longer have to take out a second mortgage, just to cover the electricity bill!… So, not only will your bank account appreciate the lower energy usage, the planet will too!

We use EcoQuilt Expert and Eco Tec Floor Foam in all our Garden Buildings from Multifoil-Insulation.com.

The less energy you use, the less fossil fuels are being burnt. The less fossil fuels are being burnt, the less carbon is being released into the atmosphere. The less carbon being released into the atmosphere, the better, as this is a high contributing factor to climate change and global warming.



With your customisable build, you can opt to have a full electrics kit installed, this includes Low Energy LED’s. These will help to reduce electricity consumption, and will also save you money on electricity bills!


Garden Room


Your Eco Garden Studio will be externally finished with EcoClad. This is a Resin Impregnated Timber Cladding which is designed to be moisture resistant, rot free and protected against fungi/insect attacks. This process enhances the strength of the timber, helping it to last the lifetime of the build. Another great thing about our cladding, is that it’s sustainably sourced! For every 1 tree that is fell, 3 more are planted. 🌱



Concerned about the effects of UV Rays? There’s no need to be. As you can see from the image above, the EcoClad that we use on our Eco Garden Studios is impossible for the Suns harmful UV Rays to pass through. But let’s not stop there… You could opt to have SilverTherm installed to your windows. This is a one-way mirrored, one-way tinted glass film that helps to reflect heat in the way that’s suited to the season. It reflects excess heat away in the summer and back inside your Eco Garden Studio in the winter.

With the film reflecting UV Rays away from your Eco Garden Studio, it is also helping to protect your furniture and other upholstery from Sun bleaching. If the UV Rays aren’t able to pass through, sun bleaching does not have the ability occur. Thus giving you the power to enjoy your longer lasting belongings and to break the commercial cycle of disposing and having to buy new (over and over again). SilverTherm also provides the additional bonus of privacy, too.



Your Eco Garden Studio will boast double glazed windows and will be roofed with an extremely durable, one-piece EPDM Rubber Roof system which is bonded and fully sealed ensuring ZERO chance of leaks. A great thing about this material is that it maintains stability and has been known to last around 40-50 years when properly maintained (so no need to pay for a costly replacement after a few years!).


EPDM Rubber Roof Membrane


The team here at Eco Garden Studio have the ability to work remotely, this means that we can offer quotes via WhatsApp, FaceTime or email, to suit you! We feel that working remotely is another great step towards combatting climate change, as we have eliminated our office commute. This makes us happier AND the planet happier… Because who really wants to add to the world issue of air pollution anyway?!


Garden Studio Home Office


With that being said, we’re glad that we’ve been able to share ‘What makes the Eco Garden Studio Eco-Friendly’ with you.

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