Your fully insulated EcoStudio can provide you with the perfect extra living space. It can be designed in 22 Standard Sizes and is available with a range of customised features, from placement of your windows and doors on the outside, to the finishing touches on the inside.

If you’re looking for extra space for you and your family to enjoy, the EcoStudio is your answer!


Here are 5 reasons why an EcoStudio is a Good Investment:


They can add Financial Value to your home

An EcoStudio Garden Building can add appeal to your property and boost the value of your home by 5% to 15%. The extra living space will add extra WOW Factor to your garden which often lends a helpful hand when it comes to the point of sale, as the interest in your property will increase which equals a quicker sale. This often results in the asking price being met as potential buyers don’t want to miss out, bonus!


Cost Effective & Time Saving

They are a Cost Effective way to add extra room/floor space to your property without the expensive and stressful ordeal of having an extension built onto your home. Time Saving is also another major benefit over an extension as a Garden Buildings can take a matter of days to construct and install, rather than the weeks or even months that an extension could take.


Extra Living space that you can transform into anything you need

Just like the main house, a Garden building can be used all year round, with specialised insulation. The EcoStudio comes fully insulated with EcoQuilt Expert and EcoTec Floor-Foam to help your garden building stay warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer and it also reduces condensation as it contains a built in vapour control layer. When providing your family with an extra living space, you are also providing them with endless opportunities in terms of what you could transform it into. It’s time to get creative!

Home Office = No more stressful or expensive commuting, all you have to do now it stroll through your beautiful garden to get to work.

Home Gym = No more money being spent on costly gym memberships or fuel/public transport costs due to the commute.

Extra Lounge Space = No more looking for places in the neighbourhood to hang out. You could use your EcoStudio as a Children’s playroom when they are younger, then transform it into a Teenagers paradise as they get older (they will LOVE this investment).

Entertainment Room = You’ll be the talk of the town (in a good way, don’t worry!) for your superb hosting skills and inviting social space.

The possibilities are endless, whatever space you need, your EcoStudio can become it!


The durability means they can last decades

The average life expectancy of a quality built Garden Building can be about 30 years, with little (if any) maintenance required. The EcoStudio is built with the best quality materials to provide you with an extra living space suitable for you and your family’s needs.


Great Investment into your health

Believe it or not, a Garden Building could actually have a positive effect on your health. Think about how minimal the commute would be if you turned your EcoStudio into your very own Home Office, you’d be there in less than 30 seconds. And rather than traffic, noise, air pollution, pedestrians and public transport… you would have a commute full of fresh air, beautiful views, peace and quiet. Even if you didn’t transform your EcoStudio into an office, as mentioned above there are SO MANY possibilities for you to create a space to relax and enjoy life with your family. Spending time with loved ones, spending time outdoors and spending time in a comfortable place will all contribute to reducing stress levels. Therefore, having a positive effect on your health.


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