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We all love having a nice cosy home, but also keeping the energy bills as low as possible. Heat can escape through wall, floors, ceilings, doors, windows, and the roof. But have you ever considered just how much of your precious energy is escaping straight from your radiator into the wall behind it! How much you may ask? Approximately a shocking 40%!


Think of your walls in your home as a sponge, but instead of soaking up water, they soak up all that heat that you’ve paid money for to generate! Luckily we have a solution to stop this happening – The EcoTec Radiator Kit.  The EcoTec Radiator Kit can be installed in between your radiator and the wall behind to create a barrier to stop the heat transfer and reflect the heat back into the room meaning your room will get warmer faster and stay warm for longer!

The EcoTec Radiator Insulation Kit is a Multi-Foil which has True Aluminium Foil either side meaning its extremely efficient, Its also made here in the UK!


Heat loss


We are often asked about simple tips on how to improve heat retention and make your home more efficient in the fastest and easiest way! As always we have a great solution to share with you which not only reflects the heat back  into your home but also saves money on your heating bills. Better still, its a simple yet extremely effective solution which in our opinion is absolutely paramount.


Radiator Insulation Kit


EcoTec Radiator Insulation Kit is a highly cost effective and easy solution maximising the performance of your radiator and in turn saving money every month on your energy bills!  The EcoTec Radiator Kit reflects 95% of Radiant Energy back into your rooms.

To install simply cut to the size of your radiator using a sharp pair of scissors (we recommend making the insulation 2 inch shorter than the width of the radiator each side so that the insulation is hidden), apply several squares of adhesive tape to the back of the insulation, slide down the back of your radiator then press firmly against the wall until the adhesive has stuck! Please make sure the radiator is cold when carrying out installation.


Radiator Kit


The EcoTec Radiator Insulation kit is designed to be quick and easy to install and at just 4mm thick can be installed behind all standard radiators.  The EcoTec Radiator insulation Kit includes, 400mm x 15m true aluminium foil which provides enough insulation to be able to insulate behind all radiators in a average sized house and Double sided Adhesive Foam Tape, which is designed to stick the insulation to the wall behind the radiator.


We highly recommend this simple yet extremely effective solution, a small price to pay to save every single month on energy bills!


You can order the EcoTec Radiator Insulation Kit at the lowest trade price HERE.


This is the first step to making your home more efficient however there are many more ways to further reduce the costs of running your home. Another simple solution would be to insulate your floors, This can be done quickly and easily, to find out more click HERE