Heat & Energy loss is a real issue in homes across the UK & the world for that matter, not only because an un-efficient home means your less comfortable because your colder in winter and too hot in summer, but also costs you more money to keep warm in the colder months of the year. This is caused by the lack of Home Insulation installed in your home.

Insulating your home using high performing multifoil insulation products is the best way to keep your home at an ambient temperature and reduce your energy bills to the minimum they can be. The result of this is a greener home meaning less energy waste and less pollution.

There are lots of areas of your home that you can insulate quickly and easily using multifoil insulation, these include –


  • Walls – 35% heat loss
  • Floors – 10% heat loss – Easy DIY Solution
  • Conservatories – 60% heat loss!! – The most popular room to insulate (professional installation recommended)
  • Ceilings & Roofs/Lofts – 25% heat loss
  • Behind Radiators – The easiest way to add efficiency
  • Sheds & Summerhouses/Cabins – Insulating enables you to use all year round


Insulating all of these areas can double the efficiency of your home!


We recommend using either EcoQuilt Expert or Superquilt insulation as these are True Aluminium and made in the UK unlike most other multifoils on the market. The difference between these 2 multifoils is that SuperQuilt is slightly higher performing, being 19 layers where EcoQuilt is 6 layers. It is also BBA & BDA Certified and approved by NHBC & LABC for Building Control. Both are true aluminium and made in the UK.


The benefits of using multifoil insulation compared to other insulation products like rigid PIR board include –


  • Multifoil is easier to install being super flexible and easy to cut
  • Multifoil is thinner, saving space
  • Multifoil can meet building regulations
  • Multifoil is highly performance and reflects up to 98% of radiant energy
  • Our multifoils are UK manufactured – Some are cheap china imports
  • More cost effective than alternatives
  • Multifoil outperforms rigid board insulation


The Simplified method of installing multifoil insulation into your home which varies slightly for different applications consists of the following steps –


  1. Install timber battens to existing brick/concrete wall, conservatory roof struts depending on application.
  2. Staple multifoil insulation to new battens or existing battens/joists, this creates an air gap between the multifoil and the substrate/existing wall or ceiling.
  3. Seal around the parameter and joints of the insulation using thermaseal true aluminium foil tape, this is to ensure that the air gap remains and that no cold bridging can take place and also prevents condensation.
  4. Install second set of battens in the opposite direction to the first battens.
  5. Install your chosen finishing material eg plasterboard finish or cladding.


This can be done on existing walls, ceilings and roofs/lofts with minimal space compared to a rigid PIR board.

We have a great video on how to insulate walls using multifoil insulation HERE


The easiest way to start improving your homes efficiency is by installing EcoTec Floor Foam insulation which is a double layered highly reflective multifoil and only 4mm thick so its easy to cut and install.

You can easily insulate your floors using EcoTec Floor Foam without the need to lift floorboards or skirting boards, watch our how to video below and order your kit HERE


Another great, easy insulation solution is the EcoTec Radiator kit which fits behind your radiators in your home to prevent heat escaping through the wall behind and reflect heat back into the room and boost the performance of your radiators. You can read our full blog post about the EcoTec Radiator Kit HERE or purchase direct HERE.

The concept behind multifoil is that we create an air barrier, eliminating cold bridging and condensation. The highly reflective surface of the multifoil reflects heat back into your home in winter and away from your home in the summer. When installing on floors this prevents cold air rising up from the ground below while reflecting heat back into the room.

You can buy SuperQuilt at the lowest trade price HERE and EcoQuilt HERE

You can insulate the areas of your home yourself with moderate DIY skills and you can find lots of how to videos on our YouTube channel and website, however there are certain rooms that can be done by a good DIY’er however we strongly recommend having professionally insulated. One of them is your Conservatory Roof.

You can read our free Conservatory Roof insulation blog post HERE which includes everything you need to know if you are considering insulating your conservatory roof.

The Conservatory is one of the least used rooms in any home that has one, this is due to how cold they are in winter and how hot they are in summer, one of the best investments you can make to your home is insulating your conservatory roof and transforming your conservatory into a

You can buy the conservatory roof insulation kit for DIY installation HERE, however we strongly advise obtaining a free, no obligation quote by our professional installation team who have insulated over 25,000 conservatories to date.

By having your Conservatory professionally insulated you will receive The ConservaHeat System – A High Performing Conservatory Insulation designed specifically for insulation Conservatory Roofs along with world class customer service and a 10 year insurance backed guarantee!

If your conservatory roof is not insulated properly it can lead to all sorts of problems, having it professionally installed is highly recommended.

To get your free, no obligation quote click HERE and fill in the form and one of the team will contact you to book your free quote.

ConservaHeat Insulation


If you have any questions regarding any of our insulation solutions please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are more than happy to help!