How can the Conservaheat System save you money long term?

Did you know, that almost 80% of heat enters through your conservatory roof? Unfortunately, about the same percentage leaves that way too!

When uninsulated, Conservatories are simply too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, meaning you’ll probably spend a lot less time in there than you originally planned!

Not what you imagined when you dreamt of having a Conservatory, right?

Worry not! We have a solution for you… The Conservaheat System!


The Conservaheat System is an Insulation application designed to reduce heat loss through your Conservatory Roof. There are many benefits to this system which will ultimately save you money in the long term.

Let us tell you how!


  1. You’ll be spending less money on costly energy bills!

Bonus! Spending less money on bills is something we all like the sound of! Having your conservatory roof insulated means that there will be a lot LESS heat evaporating through it. This will eliminate the need to crank your heating up to the max just to spend time in there. Nor will you have to unnecessarily purchase or pay the costly electricity bill that comes with using a space heater.

Money saving


  1. It can improve your homes Energy Efficiency rating

Insulating your Conservatory Roof can actually contribute positively towards your energy efficiency rating of your home, this is great for you as it could add value to your home at the point of sale.

Energy Efficiency


  1. It can help to prevent your furniture fading

Insulating your Conservatory Roof with Conservaheat will block sun glare coming through which will help to protect your furniture from colour fading.

Conservatory Furniture


  1. It can have a positive effect on the planet!

Insulating our homes can actually have a positive impact on the very important issue of Climate Change. Insulation helps to keep heat inside our homes, this keeps our living spaces at a comfortable temperature so there is no need for excessive energy use. By reducing our energy use, we reduce the amount of fuel we burn. This ultimately reduces the amount of carbon being released into the atmosphere. So, you’ll have a warmer home AND you’re helping the planet. Sounds good to us!

Sun Earth


So, by insulating your Conservatory Roof with the Conservaheat System, there are many ways you will save money long term.

  • You’ll have a conservatory that you can comfortably use all year round.
  • You’ll end up spending a lot less on your energy bills, during its lifespan, the insulation will pay for itself over and over again which is a real saving.
  • Your conservatory furniture will be offered protection from sun rays coming through the roof = less colour fading!
  • You’re basically helping the planet


The Conservaheat System is the ONLY insulation designed specifically for Conservatory Roofs and this insulation solution is EXCLUSIVE to our company and the installers. Your Conservaheat Insulation will be installed as a fully sealed system by professional Conservaheat installation specialists meaning you’ll be getting the best quality install to a very high standard.

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