How to make your Conservatory Warm this

Winter is fast approaching, nights are drawing in, homes are getting colder and more expensive to keep warm as we approach the coldest months of the year.

On the rear of your property you have a beautiful, spacious conservatory that you can sit in and relax, watch tv, read a book or even work in all year round, right?

The reality is that your conservatory will be far too cold to enjoy in the coming months if not already. You turn on your heating when it’s cold and the room never seems to warm up!

Along with this, when it rains it sounds more like hailstones hitting your conservatory roof making it almost impossible to concentrate or relax.

Luckily, there is a way to solve these problems, make your conservatory warmer this winter, more efficient and save on your expensive energy bills.

You can insulate your conservatory using high performing multifoil insulation. The benefits of installing multifoil to the underside of your conservatory roof are –


  • Warmer in winter
  • Cooler in summer
  • Reduces energy bills
  • Reduces chance of condensation
  • Reduces rain and traffic noise
  • No sunlight glare that also fades the fabric of your furniture
  • Reduces the chance of insects gathering at your conservatory roof
  • High energy efficiency


All these benefits can be achieved by insulating your conservatory roof yourself as a DIY application using 1 of 2 products: –


  • SuperQuilt insulation
  • EcoQuilt insulation


There are 2 main differences between these 2 multifoil insulation materials. SuperQuilt is slightly higher performing than EcoQuilt and has 19 layers where as EcoQuilt has 6 layers.  One advantage of EcoQuilt is that it is easier to install with it being thinner. SuperQuilt is also certified and conforms to building regulations which is ideal for construction projects.


So, you’ve got the product, what next?


A simple breakdown of the installation process is as follows :-


  • Install 25mm timber battens to your existing conservatory roof aluminium spars.
  • Staple your preferred multifoil insulation to the 25mm timber battens you have just installed
  • Make sure to overlap the insulation material by 50mm to ensure a seal
  • Tape the perimeter of the conservatory roof and any joins in the insulation material.
  • Install a 2nd set of 25mm timber battens, fixing to the first set of battens on top of the insulation.
  • Install your preferred finishing material (usually upvc tongue and groove cladding or plasterboard)

Upvc or plasterboard?

The main differences between the 2 finishing materials are: –

  • Upvc is easier to maintain (no painting)
  • Upvc is easier to install
  • Plastering is more expensive
  • Plastering takes longer


You can order either of these as a kit by visiting our supplier’s website where you can purchase these at the lowest trade price as a valued customer of ours HERE.

These are 2 great products that will do the job of insulating your conservatory efficiently however, if your not confident enough to do it yourself or just want peace of mind and a professional installation service by a company that has insulated more than 30,000 conservatories along with a 10 year guarantee then there is a 3rd option that we highly recommend.

Conservaheat is a unique true aluminum multifoil designed specifically for conservatory roofs and is exclusive to us and our installers meaning this is the absolute best option for your conservatory roof

To find out more about our exclusive ConservaHeat high performing conservatory roof insulation system, get free advice and your free, no obligation quote click HERE.

Thanks from the insulate-it team.