Multifoil Insulation – A Great Wall Insulation

Multifoil Insulation

Why Insulate Your Walls?

We are always looking for ways to save money and live more comfortably, A great way of doing this is by adding insulation to the interior or exterior of your home. You can do this by using high performing Multifoil Insulation.


My Home Already Has Insulation? – Not with Multifoil?

Traditional wall insulation such as cavity wall insulation is designed to keep your home at the desired temperature, keeping it warmer in winter – which in turn saves on all those costly energy bills.

Whilst this is true, the main problem with cavity wall insulation is that when you fill the cavity of your walls it allows heat to transfer from one surface to the other very easily meaning it is actually counterproductive!

Installing our recommended insulation works the opposite way by creating an air gap between the insulation and your walls which prevents cold bridging and reduces the chance of condensation.


So, which Insulation Do We Recommend?

The insulation we always recommend is becoming more and more popular for insulating walls due to its effectiveness, ease of installation and cost effectiveness – MULTIFOIL INSULATION.

15% of all your homes energy is lost through internal walls – by insulating the walls you create a barrier which helps to prevent outside air coming into the room whilst also reflecting the heat from the room back in. Without insulation you will find yourself needing the heating on for longer to maintain a comfortable temperature meaning the cost of the energy bills rise, by installing multifoil wall insulation to the internal walls you will find the room will stay warmer for longer, meaning less energy is require and in turn your hard earned money is saved! Due to the reflective properties of multifoil an added benefit is that in the summer, heat is reflected away from your home meaning it stays cooler on those hot summer days – something which traditional wall insulation doesn’t do.

SuperQuilt EcoQuilt Expert
Reduce Condensation!

We always recommend multifoil insulation – it not only ensures energy efficiency but also has a vapour control layer. You may not even realise that day to day activities such as having a bath or shower, cooking, washing clothes can build up moisture levels in your home which can lead to mould issues which is commonly known to be harmful. By using our recommended multifoil insulation which boasts a vapour control layer will reduce the amount of moisture that is collection within the home which in turn will reduce the condensation too.

There are two main wall insulations which you could use to insulate your walls these are EcoQuilt Expert and SuperQuilt.


The main key features of EcoQuilt Expert are –

  • 15mm, 6 Layer Multifoil Insulation
  • Cheaper alternative to SuperQuilt
  • Compresses down to approx. 5mm
  • Flexible, Thin, and simple to install
  • Suitable for all Applications
  • High Performing Vapour Control Layer
  • R-Value of up to 2.27 m² K/W
  • UK Manufactured


The main key features of SuperQuilt are –

  • High Performing Multifoil Solution
  • True Aluminium Outer Layers
  • Achieve Building Regulations in 89mm Studs or deeper
  • No PIR Required (Kingspan / Celotex)
  • Eliminated health risk compares to fibre wool insulation
  • Replaces Traditional Breather Membrane
  • High Performing Vapour Control Layer
  • Made in the UK
  • Easy to cut and Install compared to others


You can find “how to” videos on SuperQuilt insulation here

And also EcoQuilt Expert insulation here –

We always recommend SuperQuilt where building regulations are required and to building trades, however EcoQuilt Expert works well for home owners who are wanting to create a more energy efficient home, EcoQuilt is thinner so we would also recommend using this when insulating inside vans, mobile homes as the space taken up by insulation is less.

You can purchase either SuperQuilt or EcoQuilt Expert at the lowest trade prices and free next day delivery when you spend over £100 and if ordered before 2pm HERE

Find out more ways to insulate your home including our easy to install floor insulation solution EcoTec Floor Foam at