Insulated Conservatories; The ideal office for Home Workers!


Insulating a Conservatory Roof has fast become one of the most popular ways to create extra space to work from home, all year round.


Conservatories are one of the least used rooms in the home, owed to them being too hot in summer, freezing cold in winter and incredibly noisy when it rains.


According to Insulation Advisory Specialists:, the Conservatory is now taking over from the Attic, Bedroom and Kitchen as the home owners preferential place to work from home.


conservatory home office


Ashley Lancaster from Insulate-it said,

“ Insulating most conservatory Roofs takes one day keeping you warmer in winter, cooler in summer and reduces rain noise. An insulated conservatory instantly changes a Conservatory into a warm, quiet office space keeping work separate from home distractions”


The underside of the Conservatory Roof is insulated using ConservaHeat Multifoil insulation; a solution specifically developed by a UK company just for Conservatories – the solution is said to reflect around 98% of Radiant energy, maintaining an ambient working temperature all year round. ConservaHeat consists of true aluminium layers which means it reflects heat back onto your Conservatory in the winter and reflects away heat in the summer keeping it cool.


conservaheat conservatory insulation


Home Working during COVID-19 has escalated the demand for the insulation solution, with some businesses even funding the installation to enable their employees to work from home.


The ConservaHeat solution has a reduced Government backed VAT rate of just 5%.


If you are ready to transform your own conservatory – A 25% discount is available and you can receive a free, no obligation quote by visiting