SuperQuilt vs SuperFoil


SuperFoil’s dependency on China has left them with Low Supplies – how long will their stocks last?


Stock shortages have exposed the UKs reliance on Chinese imports especially SuperFoil – we have seen this in several industries, including construction.

If we look at SuperFoil specifically, it is imported from China and there are now stock shortages of the product. This means all companies and individuals who rely on SuperFoil are directly affected too.


We are here to promote something we genuinely believe in, British Manufacturing! Say no to Chinese imports like SuperFoil


We are the leading distributor of SuperQuilt Insulation, a multifoil product that is manufactured right here in the UK. This has meant we have continued and will continue to meet our customer’s requirements.

Many people get confused between SuperFoil and SuperQuilt – although there are distinct differences – SuperQuilt is Manufactured here in the UK, using True Aluminium Foil, whereas SuperFoil is manufactured in China using a lookalike plastic foil.

This is why we have plenty of stock and we have been able to continue offering our Free Next Working Day Delivery Service.

We ask ourselves why has it taken Brexit and Global Pandemic for us to realise that we need to strengthen our internal trade links?

We ask you – isn’t it time that you supported UK Manufacturing?


Buy British, Buy Quality, Buy Today!


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