Why choose the EcoStudio over other Garden Buildings?

There are many reasons why you should choose the EcoStudio, one the main reasons is that our expert team takes care of everything! From designing your very own personalised EcoStudio, to manufacturing it and installing it into your garden.


Would you like our Professional Installation Team to build and assemble your Garden Build? Or would you prefer a Self-Build Kit that you can put together yourself? The EcoStudio is available in both of these options.

With 22 Standard sizes of Garden Buildings for you to choose from, we also have a wide range of bespoke options available. We are confident that we can create the dream EcoStudio to meet your requirements.

The EcoStudio is now available with Full UPVC Windows and Doors (that can be modified in placement to suit you), EPDM Rubber Roof, High Security Locks, Rot Free EcoClad Resin Impregnated Timber Cladding and most importantly, a High Performing Multifoil Insulation System that’s guaranteed to keep your garden room at a comfortable temperature, all year round.

The roofs, walls and floor of your EcoStudio will be fully insulated with our unique Insulation System that works by reflecting excess heat away from your Garden Build in the Summer, which helps to maintain a cooler temperature inside. Alternatively, in the Winter it works by reflecting the cold away, whilst reflecting the heat back into your living space to create a warmer temperature for you to enjoy.



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The EcoStudio comes Fully insulated with a High Performing Multifoil Insulation called EcoQuilt Expert on the walls and the High Performing Insulation, EcoTec Floor-Foam underfoot.

EcoQuilt Expert consists of 6 layers of highly reflective foil and wadding. It also contains a Built-in Vapour Control Layer which helps to eliminate condensation. It is 15mm thick in its open state and can compress down to 6mm.

EcoTec Floor-Foam is made up of a 4mm high density foam with a highly reflective True Aluminium Foil on either side. It is designed to prevent cold bridging, it stops unwanted draughts and provides additional sound proofing underfoot.


Your EcoStudio will be externally finished with EcoClad. This is a Resin Impregnated Timber Cladding which is designed to be moisture resistant, rot free and guaranteed to last the lifetime of the building (it even comes with a 25 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty). This beautifully textured finish comes in a colour of your choice. AND it gets better… This product is Sustainably Sourced!

EcoStudio now has a NEW Cedar Selection option which gives you the chance to incorporate Natural Timber fascia’s and trims in Red Wood Cedar to your Garden Building.


Cedar Selection


The Garden Building will be roofed with a one piece EPDM rubber roof system which is bonded and fully sealed ensuring there is ZERO chance of leaks! At ground level, you’ll have the option of having a Veranda and extra decking installed. We can even prepare a Timber Base ready to accept your EcoStudio!


OK, now let’s talk about the interior!

We have a Full Electric Kit available which consists of low energy interior lights, silver switches and sockets with all the wiring hidden within the structure. You can even add your choice of exterior Canopy lights, LED Strip lights and Vertical Wall lights.

The internal walls and ceilings are clad with moisture resistant matchboard. This cladding is designed for easy fitting of pictures and furniture and is then finished in white for a bright, airy feel to your room. We’ll even install your TV Brackets FREE OF CHARGE, just ask our handy installation team.

After the application of EcoTec FloorFoam underfoot to provide you with extra warmth and comfort, you can now choose from our range of laminate flooring to suit your design style.

Laminate Options


The Windows and Doors are UPVC and finished with Stainless Steel Ironmongery. You also have the option to upgrade and have SilverTherm installed to your windows, not only will this add extra privacy to your garden build, it is also extra reflective of heat and can help to save energy.




The main EcoStudio structure will be constructed in our off site workshop which means the installation process could take as little as two days for our friendly professional team to complete!




The EcoStudio is yours to design, customise and transform into anything you and your family needs. Here at Insulate-It, our main focus is to help you turn your dreams into reality!

Get in touch today, our Project Manager is waiting to discuss your ideas!

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