Conservatory uses – 8 of the best!

Your Conservatory – Are you using it to its full potential?

A massive 60% of conservatory owners do not use their conservatory as much as they like meaning that space within their home is wasted. Conservatories are a great addition to any home, if your lucky enough to already have a conservatory or are thinking about having one built then here are 8 great conservatory uses to maximize your space.

1- Home Office

conservatory as office

Having a home office is becoming more and more popular, lots of people are moving their office from rented space to their home. Benefits of working from home include less or no commuting saving fuel costs and improved health and wellbeing due to less stress. Home workers enjoy extra health benefits such as additional sleep, spending more time with family, exercising or preparing healthier meals.

Read our blog post all about how to transform your conservatory into a home office HERE


2- Living Room

living room

Many people like to have their living room at the rear of their property, your conservatory can make the perfect living room which is spacious, bright and more private than on the front which traditionally is where most living rooms are located.


3- Snug

So your happy with your living room in your home where it is, well why not create a second room where you and your family can escape to relax and watch some tv. Maybe you like reading? Listening to music? A home snug in your  conservatory could make the perfect place to do just that.


4- Games Room

conservatory games room

Brush up on your pool skills in your very own games room! From Darts, Pool or even Table Football, whichever games you enjoy your conservatory could make the perfect space to have fun! Add a tv and games console you have a room that all the family can come and enjoy that’s separate to the rest of the home. You could even add a bar in there meaning the only time you have to leave the house is to stock up the refreshments!


5- Gym

conservatory gym

Travelling to the gym can be the most off putting part of staying fit and healthy. With your very own gym in your conservatory you can eliminate that problem. No waiting for equipment and no bad habits of other members, couple this with the savings on membership and if your into fitness this is a no brainer. The only downside is you won’t have any excuses!


6- Separate Dining Room

Keep cooking and eating separate by transforming your conservatory into the dining room. Your conservatory can make the perfect place to enjoy that winter pie or summer salad and a great family gathering room. Trying to fit a table into some kitchens can be difficult, especially if your kitchen is small. Solve this problem by making your conservatory the dining room.


7- Kitchen Extension

Wishing you had more space and light in your kitchen? A conservatory extension can be a great way to achieve just that. If you already have a conservatory then removing the wall between your kitchen and conservatory is a great way to increase living space at a fraction of the cost of having an extension built.


8- Playroom

Overcrowded with toys? Does your kitchen and living room never look tidy because its always cluttered with toys? Why not make your conservatory a play room, it could be the perfect place to keep all they toys if they are organized with some smart storage solutions. A designated area where children can go and explore their creativity with crafts that’s totally separate from the home.


A common problem!

So all the above ideas are great ways you can use your conservatory but there is just one problem stopping you transforming your conservatory into any of the conservatory uses we have listed above.

Its too cold in winter and too hot in summer!!

To find out how you can overcome this problem and make your conservatory a usable room which you can enjoy all year round watch the video below or click HERE